WonderSac – Floating Fox
WonderSac – Floating Fox
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WonderSac – Floating Fox

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Super Absorbent Anti-Bed Wetting WonderSac

The WonderSac has been designed to provide security for toddlers in toilet training and to make life easier for frazzled parents.

Let’s face it, which parent wants to wash the sheets or scrub the mattress after countless bedwetting accidents? We sure don’t, and we know that this is one of parenthood’s dreadful challenges when dealing with toilet training.

Our eco-friendly, high-quality leakproof WonderSac is compact, super absorbent and easy to launder. We have taken the stress out of bedwetting and of course, saving parents money and time... No more disposable nappies and no more washing bedsheets on a daily basis!

                                     LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE

Recommended Size Guide:

Size: Small

Suitable for ages 18M- 4yrs

Waist: 51cm- 65cm

Height- 90cm- 110cm 


Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Laura Marchetti
I love this brand!

Happy with everything

Isabel Yarza
Great for older kids!

This is a wonderful product. It’s perfect to stop the extra laundry from occasional wetting from my 5 year old. She’s too old and accidents too rare for pull ups. These are great and comfy for everyday use.

Antonio Bernadi
Works well!

This worked perfect for potty training my daughter. She wears this for naps and bedtime in case of an accident. Does exactly what it says it does, which is catch the liquid. Haven't had any spill onto the sheets/bed once. I don't have to worry about changing sheets in the middle of the night.

Paola Segovia
Bigger sizes needed

Works well and cute designs too. Wish they had bigger sizes for older kids :(

Christina Sarkis
Good for night time wetters

These are a life saver for my three year old. She is a night time bedwetter. I have use these and so far no leaks. They fit her very well and are well made. She loves the prints too. I would recommend these to anyone having a night time issues. I just used it without a pull up only regular underwear and it worked. I have had to take a large payout and can no longer afford pull ups. These are a very good option for people in my situation. It saves money in the long run and good for the environment.