How to use

Before using the WonderSac, please take the time to read and follow our Five Golden Rules to avoid any occasional leakage:

1. Positioning is Important- Always make sure the stretchy waistband of the WonderSac sits just above your child's belly button. If the WonderSac sits any lower or around the groin area, expect leakage to occur. The bottom lining of the WonderSac can either sit below, around or just above your child's knees, but not any higher. Keeping the WonderSac in the recommended position reduces the chances of leakage. 

2. Make sure the Waistband of the WonderSac is a Good Fit. The waistband needs to sit comfortably around your child's waist. If the waistband is loose, the the WonderSac will slip down due to the weight of the sac and therefore, will not be in the correct position to catch the accidents. If your child is over 18 months and has a smaller waist, we can suggest going to you local tailor and get the waistband taken in so that adjustments can be made safely and accordingly to fit the child. 

3. Ensure the Safety Snaps are Secure at all times to prevent the WonderSac from shifting during your child's sleep.

4. Make sure your child wears undies, a pull- up or nappy to prevent any excess urine from trickling down their leg.

5. If your child has a super heavy bladder and their urine is likely to be above the 500ml absorption capacity, we recommend using a nappy or pull up in conjunction with the wonderSac to prevent side leaks or bed wetting. 


* Please note that the WonderSac does not provide leakproof protection during active day time use, where the child is either standing, walking, running, climbing etc.