What makes the WonderSac so special?

The wonderSac is the most absorbent, compact and portable sac you’ll ever come across! It has a 360-degree leakproof protection to prevent any side leaks or nasty blow outs.  You’ll love the luxurious feel of the high-quality material and how the weighted fabric helps to improve you little one’s anxiety and sleep.  Not only is it super cute, but it is super comfortable, durable, reusable, ecofriendly and cost effective. You can also forget about needing disposable night nappies too! What about allowing for more ‘air out time’ to reduce and prevent nappy rash. Yes! It does that too!

The WonderSac was designed to make life easier for parents and carers dealing with frequent bed wetting accidents. The WonderSac is super easy to launder, saving you the time and exhaustion of washing and hanging oversized bedsheets on a regular basis. Yes, we all know this is something every parent hates doing!  With the WonderSac, you can even say goodbye to those long draining hours of scrubbing and cleaning the mattress.  No more waking up in the early hours of the morning to change the bed sheets! You can take it whenever and wherever you please! With so many benefits, the wonderSac will put your mind at ease, so you can get a precious, goodnights sleep. 

How is the WonderSac worn?

The wonderSac is an outer garment (sac) worn from the waist downwards. The waist band sits comfortably around the child’s waist and the snaps located at the bottom of the sac should be positioned and clipped between the child’s legs, to prevent the WonderSac from shifting.

The great thing about the wonderSac, is that it can be worn all year-round. You can simply mix and match, add or remove any garment layers to suit the weather when using the wonderSac. 

For example: In summer you can dress your child down to singlet and underwear and pop over the wonderSac. In winter, you can dress your child in warm pyjamas.

Disposable nappies are not required when wearing the wonderSac

Note* If you want to avoid your child’s upper garment from getting wet, please ensure you don’t tuck the upper garment into the wonderSac.

My child isn’t currently toilet training, Can they still use the WonderSac?

If your child isn’t quite ready for night- time toilet training and is still wearing a nappy to bed, you can still use the wonderSac to avoid any side leaks or nasty blow outs, which can still occur when wearing disposable nappies. It’s good to give your mattress added protection for your peace of mind. 

Can the WonderSac be worn for active day time use?

We only recommend using the WonderSac during idle, non- active times. Our products are predominately used during sleep cycles to prevent bed wetting or to provide additional mattress protection. It can also be used for upholstery protection so you won’t ever have to worry about your child wetting the sofa or the car seat when between car travels.

The wonderSac does not provide leakproof protection for active day time use where the child is standing, walking, running, climbing etc. 

How absorbent is the WonderSac?

The wonderSac has superior absorbency to hold up to 500 mls of liquid throughout the night, provided that it is used correctly and appropriately.

What can cause my WonderSac to leak?

There are a few factors that may contribute to the leakage of the WonderSac such as;  incorrect use of the product, if the size is too big or if the urine voided is above the absorption capacity. To avoid any occasional leakage, please read 'How to Use' located in quick links on the site. If you discover a manufacturing defect, please contact us at info@wonderdax.com

Can the WonderSac be used for all ages?

The WonderSac currently comes in one size (small) which is made to fit the average size of an 18 month- 4 year old child. A good fit recommendation for waist measurement is 51cm- 58 cm. The waist band is stretchy, so it can also stretch out to 65cms for children who are above the recommended waist size. To prevent any SIDS risk, It’s important to note that the WonderSac isn’t suitable for any newborns or infants who fall out of the recommended size guide.

Recommended size Guide:

8.2 kg- 21 kg

NOTE* For effective use of the product, please ensure your child fits within the Wonderdax recommended size guide. 

Will there be more sizing options available for the WonderSac?

We endeavour to have more sizing options available if there is a demand for other age groups. For customised or size related enquiries please feel free to email us at info@wonderdax.com 

What Makes the WonderMat so special?

Our best-selling compact accident proof WonderMat, is designed to suit all ages and more importantly, to make life easier for you! The super absorbent, anti- leakproof WonderMat has the unique ability to hold up to 2L of liquid! Which makes it perfect for those dreadful toilet training, bedwetting and vomiting accidents. 

The WonderMat is also versatile! It can be used in many different ways. It can be used as a change mat, during tummy time, under your child in the pram, between you and your child to protect your clothes from vomiting accidents, during menstrual cycles, during sleep overs or even in the car if anyone has reflux, a vomiting bug or motion sickness!

It can help to protect your furniture and mattress from bacteria, mould and mildew! Wherever you are and wherever you may go, the WonderMat will have you covered! 

*Please keep a watchful eye on young children when using the product. 

Dimension of the WonderMat: 67cm x 67cm 

Why is it important to have added mattress protection for bed wetting accidents?

Bed wetting accidents can be seriously problematic due to the excessive moisture build-up within the spaces of the mattress foam, which can act as a breeding ground for mould and other gross bacteria.

You can simply reduce the risk of these harmful toxins from crawling to your child’s mattress by giving it extra protection. Our Wonderdax range has been designed and tested to have superior absorbency to ensure maximum protection against bed wetting, therefore, reducing the risk of mould toxicity and creating a healthy sleep environment instead! 

What will happen if the mattress isn’t cleaned properly after a bed wetting accident? 

If your mattress isn’t cleaned carefully and thoroughly after a bed wetting accident, mould and bacteria can develop and spread at a quicker rate. Cleaning your mattress after mould has formed can also be more problematic, as it can increase the mould spores in the air, which can worsen the symptoms of mould toxicity. This problem can simply be avoided by giving your mattress extra protection, to ensure a healthy sleep environment for your child. The added protection also saves parents from the cost of having to replace the mattress, which can be expensive.

I’ve noticed the WonderMat doesn’t have wings to tuck under the bed?

The WonderMat was purposely designed with no wing attachments, so it could be used for many different purposes, allowing you to get the most use out of it. We have tried to minimise your clutter in the home by making this product more versatile, compact, lightweight, portable and easy to store away… You’re welcome!

How do I wash my WonderSac/ WonderMat?

The WonderSac and WonderMat products can either be hand or machine washed on gentle cycle using cold or warm water only. It is best to use a wash bag to prevent product from getting damaged when doing a mixed laundry load.  You can choose to Line dry, ensuring WonderSac is turned inside out or on low tumble dry only.

Please wash before using the product! You’ll also be pleased to know that the more you wash your wonderSac or WonderMat, the more absorbent it gets!